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Don’t Experiment With Your Health

Posted on July 6, 2019 in Uncategorized

If you walked into your doctor’s office tomorrow with a minor complaint and she said “I would like to try this experiment with your health. There is no real proof it will work, but I read on the Internet that it should. It might not work at all, and it might actually damage your health. Are you in?”

What would you say? Most of us would say, I hope, “Are you KIDDING me!? My health is much to valuable!”

Yet I hear from people all of the time who do just that, and they aren’t even doing it under the advice of a doctor.

Weight loss can make us desperate. We are so bombarded with messages around us telling us that we are not attractive, not valuable, “less than” our skinny counterparts. Magazines tout bikini bodies and the “secrets of fast weight loss” used by the latest stars. I don’t know about you, but while I might admire Jennifer Aniston’s hair and easy demeanor on the screen, I’m not going to her for medical advice.

It is this desperation that leads us to sometimes do foolish things without thinking it all of the way through. I am not casting stones…I had a bad run in with a no carb diet at one point, and a very ugly month of eating no more than 800 calories per day. So I have BEEN there and like many of us, I didn’t think about long term ramifications.

I recently had a discussion with a woman who shared with some friends the “secrets” from a loser on one of those popular weight loss shows. He shared how he lost 12 pounds in 48 hours. His advice? I can’t even bring myself to repeat it because it was ridiculous and potentially dangerous that for me to even share it might border on malpractice! I begged this woman to please not take his advice (nor advice from anyone associated with that show) because it could damage her health. She countered that he had some good ideas, and declined to respond when I pointed out that his good idea left his body without a ready source of fuel over 18 hours of the day. I have a heart for her and for everyone who desperately wants to lose weight, including all of the contestants on those shows, but it scares me when people start to experiment with their health in order to conform to someone else’s idea of what is healthy.

Before you undertake any new health experiments, I would encourage you to ask yourself a few questions.

Is this a supplement and if so, what do I know about it and where did I get the information?

Supplements aren’t all bad nor all good. Natural doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. I’ve said it before, “Plutonium is natural, but you won’t catch me sprinkling it on my corn flakes.”

It is important to understand that supplements, unlike medications, are not tested by the FDA. In order for the FDA to approve a medication it must be safe and effective. If a supplement is certified by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), NSF International, or the United Natural Products Alliance, it’s guaranteed to meet a certain standard of quality. (The USP’s screening process, for instance, ensures that a product will break down properly and effectively release its ingredients into the body.) Look for a certification seal from any of these organizations whenever you buy a supplement. Look for that on the label.

It is also very important to understand about how supplements may interfere with each other or with prescribed medications. ALWAYS tell your doctor about all supplements you are taking. You may also ask a pharmacist for information.

If you have done your homework, never start more than one supplement at a time without supervision. Check the labels for side effects and if you note any of them, stop taking the supplement. Trying more than one at a time will make it hard to figure out just which one is causing the problems.

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s too good to be true. You can’t burn fat in your sleep. There is no pill that will force your body to use fat for fuel over carbohydrates at any level that makes a real difference. A pill will not give you six pack abs. Sorry. I wish it were true…it’s not.

If a supplement is accompanied by a very low calorie diet, that should send up a huge red flag. If you’re taking an expensive pill and eating no more than 500 calories a day and losing weight…it’s because you’re starving your body. A very low calorie diet over a long period of time can actually damage your metabolism. (I don’t even want to hear of any of you intelligent people doing it over a short period of time!)

If a diet cuts out all of one category of food from your diet, be very wary. Our bodies need a variety of vitamins and minerals from a variety of foods. That doesn’t mean it isn’t okay to cut out refined sugars or flours if that’s what you desire, but don’t cut out all fruits or all vegetables or all (or even most) carbohydrates.

Be very wary of “a study shows…” articles in a Women’s magazine. Most of the times the information from these studies is picked up off the AP and the writer doesn’t understand or explain the entire study. When I read something that sounds completely different from what we’ve been told in the past, I go online to find the original abstract of the study. It is also important to remember that one study only sets down a path for more study, but doesn’t definitively prove or disprove a previous study. A study, to be valid, must be replicated and peer reviewed.

If you’re unsure, please ask someone who knows that you trust for good, solid advice. That can be your doctor, a nutritionist, or another health practitioner. I am always very happy to help as I have a degree in Health Education and never put forth information without researching it first.

Health Care Schooling Opportunities and Courses

Posted on July 5, 2019 in Uncategorized

Health and medical professionals conduct job duties ranging from administrative work to medical care. Health care schools provide students with numerous areas of study that lead to satisfying careers. Students can seek schooling opportunities in several concentration areas that provide them with the coursework needed to enter the industry.

Students that have a desire to work in health care have multiple opportunities available to them. The interests of students will primarily determine what programs to work through. For example, students that want to enter health education will complete different training programs then students that want to enter cardiovascular technology. Educational training can be completed at all levels, but some may require students to hold graduate degrees to qualify for careers. Some areas may only require undergraduate degrees to step into careers. Students need to research the field to know what the requirements are for their area of interest.

Possible training options include:

*Health Information Technician

Professionals maintain all patient records for medical facilities. This highly important role ensures that everything is accurate and up to date. Schooling teaches students the proper and legal ways to collect, manage, and examine data. Students learn to handle medical history of patients and business billing. The goal is to decrease unneeded paperwork and help run the information side of health care smoothly. Common courses in this field may include:

  • Health Information Statistics
  • ICD Coding

Students will need to obtain at least an associate’s degree to enter careers as professionals.

*Cardiovascular Technology

The work done in this area of the field has students learning how to diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases. The different types of diseases are explored to give students a well-rounded knowledge of what affects patients and how to properly treat them. Several hours inside clinical and laboratory courses prepare students to understand diagnostic testing and how to assist with treatment practices. Core courses could include:

  • Ultrasound Technology
  • Electrocardiography

Students can become vascular technologists, echocardiographers, and more after completing a program.

*Health Services

Students interested in the operational side of health care should consider an education in health services. Through programs at every level students can study policies and apply them to organizational management. Administration degrees are highly common giving students a background in public health. Depending on the degree level students will either study to become entry-level managers or administrators. Through program areas relating to finance, human resources management, and more students are qualified for numerous careers inside the industry. Students will complete courses that include:

  • Health Finance
  • Aging and Health

Other areas of study can have students completing programs in preventive medicine, public health, and health education.

The industry is broad giving students several opportunities to enter training. Begin an accredited education in health care by choosing an area of study. Different agencies like the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools ( ) can accredit programs that provide a quality education. A satisfying career is available to students once they complete a degree program.

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at

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Online Health Care Schools – Enrollment and Training Possibilities

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You can study for the career of a lifetime by enrolling in an accredited online health care school. Various training options exist to provide you with the opportunity to pursue the career of your dreams. Enrollment and training possibilities are available through health care schools online in order to prepare you for the workplace. You can learn the steps that need to be taken in order to receive a higher education in this field, and become a professional.

Before you decide on the educational path that you will need to follow to pursue a career, you should learn about the field. There are different areas of health care that offer various services. Professionals in this line of work can provide services from health education to treating patients. You can obtain the education necessary for entrance into the field by choosing an online school or college and enrolling in the program that meets your needs. Different opportunities exist that can allow you to prepare for entrance into the workforce. After you have learned about the various areas of the field you can begin planning the path that will help you become a health care professional.

Accredited online health care training can help you pursue a variety of professions. You can train to become a:

  • Physician Assistant
  • Health Educator
  • Public Health Professional

After deciding on the career that is right for you, you can choose the level of education that is needed to seek employment.

Online training in this field can be completed at a number of levels in order for you to pursue a career. You can train at the:

  • Associate Level
  • Bachelor Degree Level
  • Master Level
  • Doctoral Degree Level

…to obtain the skills and knowledge that you will need to carry out work related tasks. The level of degree will determine the topics that you will need to study.

Online health care schools and colleges can offer you the chance to receive the training that you will need to become successful. You can choose an educational path to follow that is catered to the career that you would like to enter. The online coursework that will be provided will cover different subjects based on the level of higher learning and occupation chosen. Health care training can include online courses in information technology, science, nutrition, computer technology, and fitness. You can also study online in physical therapy, environmental health, behavioral sciences, and much more. Once training through an online program is complete, you can begin looking for employment.

By selecting an educational training path to follow and completing all necessary requirements, you can be on your way to the future you desire. Prior to pursuing an education in this field you should choose an online health care college that is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools ( ) or other agency. This will ensure that you can obtain the quality training you need and deserve. Begin the path to the future you long for by researching various programs and enrolling today.

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