High School

The world’s oldest known high school is in Edinburgh, Scotland. It began in 1505 and is the Royal High School. Thisl was used as a model to start the first high school in America, located in Boston, Massachusetts. The English High School began operations in 1821.

In the United States, a high school is a secondary education system that will educate children who are in the ninth grade trough the twelfth grade, or in the case of others, tenth grade through twelfth. Each state and district will have their own specific guidelines when to start the high school year, either adding ninth or not. Typically a child will be eighteen years old or approaching eighteen when he or she graduates in the United States.

There are several different categories of high schools in America. There are those that prepare children to hold basic technical careers, which they will work on during their school years. These schools are vocational schools, where many school districts within one county will gather students together. Another type of high school is the college preparatory school, which can be difficult to get into unless you have the early high grades throughout middle school.

These schools will teach subjects that children will need to go on to a university or college, especially if that college or university is an Ivy League one. Another type of high school is the alternative school, which is usually for children who are having behavioral problems for whatever reason and sometimes a judge or a therapist will insist that the child be enrolled in this high school. Some of the children who may attend this alternative school may have mental health issues that preclude them from attending a main stream school. Security risks would be too high to allow other children to attend classes with children who are suffering from severe mental health concerns. Some of these alternative schools are catered to those children who are experiencing drug and/or alcohol problems and need supervised treatment. A component of their treatment may include daily or weekly treatment with a therapist or drug and alcohol counselor.

Most schools in America begin their classes in late August or early September, and go until the next May or June, depending upon calamity days during the year. Children in the United States typically have the entire summer off from classes. Many people, especially some educators, would like to see American school districts adopt a year round calendar. Those who propose going to school year round state that it would benefit parents, who would not need as much day care help during the summer months and it would also benefit the children, because many times children lose a great deal of the knowledge during the summer months. Teachers sometime complain that the first month or so of the new school year is spent playing catch up, trying to remind children what they learned toward the end of the previous school year.